Welcome to Damned Thoughts!

Well, hello. You might have landed on this blog by accident. You must’ve entered allegiante.blogspot.com in hopes of getting to well, the blog that used to have this very URL. You’re not lost (no, not really). Just mislead, I guess?

I changed my URL, if it hadn’t been too obvious yet. I seem to be making a lot of huge decisions on impulse and I just thought of this bookish-related URL and changed before I changed my mind.

So. This is Maia’s personal blog. (Rather the blog where I’d put my not-so-bookish thoughts.) And the other blog is permanently now a book blog. (By that I mean for real. Because that’s what I had always wanted, right?)

Now that I’m done making you read my explanation, you can now head over to the blog. Click here.

I would like to apologize for any confusion I caused you! Have a great day ahead! 🙂


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