“Um… hi.”

“What’s up? It’s late.”

     “Not much, I guess… I’m just in need of a talk.
 Am I disturbing your sleep?”
“No! No, not at all. What did you
want to talk about?”
“…I don’t know. I just–I just want to talk.”
[chuckling] “Well?”
“Well um, so there’s this girl. From high school.”
“What’s with her?”
                                                “She’s, um, she’s got this emotion management issue.
There’s this one day when someone tapped her cap off
and she just–she sort of lost her marbles… I mean, she
was sort of having a bad day, I guess…”
“Why? What happened?”
“I don’t know… there’s this guy…”
“I mean, he sort of triggered the monster
out of her… She raged… She–she lost it in front
of everyone… She hurled something at him…”
“What is it?”
“I don’t know… Nobody knows,  I guess– except her…”
“So, what happened?”
“She… she hurt him. Probably more than she
could have ever intended to… He had almost
lost something important… And it’s all her fault…”
“What was it that he almost lost?”
“…I–just, just something really important…”
“They had to bring him to the hospital
and rushed to the emergency… They ran some
operations on him… She lost it… Completely.
Since then, she flinched on the smallest of things…
She freaks out on the non-freakiest matters in the world
And she had tried her best, since then, to control her
emotions better than she ever have. And now,
She’s freaking out again… She felt like she was so so close
to losing it again… In front of everyone. So, so clo–“
“Are you okay?”
“…Yes. Just–just a little vulnerable. It’s that time of the day.”
“Are you sure?”
“Well… I’ll be okay…”
“Let’s talk about something else instead..”
“What should we talk about?”
[laughs lightly] “…I don’t know. You’re the one
who asked for a topic change…”
“You have a point.”
“So… now what?”
“Let’s play Ice Breaker.”
“Hmm… How can we do that?
We’re on the phone!”
“I’m just gonna have to ask you a question,
 and then you’re gonna have to shoot one
 right back at me. Easy, right?”
“So, um, thank you.”
“For what?”

“For letting me talk to you.”

“So, you’re okay now?”

“…Yes, I am. I suppose. Thank you.”

“That is not a big deal.”
“It is for me.”
“How so?”
“I needed it. Thank you…
And I’m so sorry. If I troubled you.”
“It’s fine. Everything’s cool.
I’m glad to have been of service.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“So, um, good night… I guess?
“Ah, yes. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”
[laughs] “Yeah… You too.”
“I’ll see you soon?”
“See you.”
“See you…”

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