Maia’s Summer Misadventures: A Summary

I started this thing on my other blog, but apparently, I had jumped on the decision to make it, permanently, a book blog. So obviously, (since I have a personal blog) I’m gonna have to post this one on the personal blog.

Just like what I have stated on the title, it’s a summary of how my summer went. I don’t normally (actually, I don’t really do this) document my annual summer vacations but seems to me, I’ve been trying to find, lately, reasons for me to write so I could keep my grammar and vocab in check. If it’s working, I don’t know, but for now, I find solace in writing about my life and the things I do in/with it, so here we are.

Let me give you a list of the things I’ve done that kept me busy through the summer break. (Slash/Also, a list of my “summer favorites”.)

MTV’s Awkward
  • My friend had told me a long time ago to watch this show, but I never got to it until this Summer vacation. And to be honest, I can’t get enough of it. I marathoned this show in about a week, even trying my best to watch one season in a day, but, fortunately, failing to do so. But now I’ve catched up! And I look forward to Thursdays (I catch up every Thursday, yep.) because of this show.
Dan + Shay’s Where It All Began
Nina Nesbitt’s Peroxide
  • This is also one of the albums that I listened to on loop whilst on the road! I’m writing about this on the blog, so watch out!
  • Tell me this isn’t addicting.Tell me you didn’t do a little happy dance when you reached the 2048 tile. Or the whine of all things bad when you were almost there but got game over-ed. (Actually, chances are, I’m playing this game whilst writing this post.)

College Entrance Test reviews.

  • I’ve no photo or anything for this, but I’d like to tell you that I spent every week of my May studying and learning new things.
from this…
to this.
  • 29th of April this year, I made the biggest impulse decision of my life (so far). I changed my blog URL, gave it an overall haul, changed it to a permanent book blog, and made my personal blog. I’ve been allegiante/these damned thoughts for about nine months, but I thought about venturing out into the book blogging world, and that’s where I am right now!

That’s all there is to my summer. I don’t really know what I feel about this, but I’m half-anxious, half-nervous for the school year to come.



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