two thousand fourteen

This is probably the latest (like the most late, okay.) 2014 recap blog post in the history of all blogs ever, but hey, (the next phrase is becoming my motto and it is in no way healthy) better late than never.

I’ll be very very honest right now: 2014 hasn’t been the nicest year so far. I’ve gone through so much stress, and self-consciousness, and emotional turmoil–but it has been my most daring year yet. I’ve learned a lot, developed a lot [of emotions, mind you], and tried a lot of new things. A lot of people tell me to “get out of my shell”. And I did. And it felt amazing.

I’m in my Senior year of high school now. I should be graduating in three months, and I know it’s gonna be hectic. There are quite some things I’m not looking forward to this year–prom–but at the same time, there are quite more lot I’m excited for–graduation, our birthday, college(?).

I can only hope I take on new adventures and conquer more fears this 2015.



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