crashing a wedding

Last week – 25th April, 2015 – I had been given the privilege to crash a wedding.

Okay, not crash crash as in barge in without permission/Taylor Swift Speak Now crash. I had permission… technically. But I wasn’t really, in any way, informed that I was about to attend a wedding that day. What happened is this:

I was asked to accompany my cousin to [watch him attend] aqua therapy. Thinking it would involve pools, and therefore hot weather, I wore a hole-y top + a pair of denim shorts + my favorite pair of Vans. Yada, yada. The therapy session went well, and I got splashed on by my cousin, but no big deal – I loved the water.

In the car, after said therapy, my aunts went on discussing where we’re headed. They told me that one of them was off to the mall to claim some photos; and the other, well, going to a wedding. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a choice and therefore forced to attend the wedding. Me, being not a fan of weddings, and raised in a Catholic school, told them, “I can’t get inside the church because I’m wearing shorts.” And guess what, they managed to buy me a skirt. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So then, I went to a wedding looking like this:

I am embarrassing. I mean, it was a golden wedding, and therefore less… requiring of such extravagant clothing, but still! It’s a wedding and weddings are formal event. Not ever casual. Anyway, this post is a week late, so I’ve obviously worn out of the wedding magic thing, but here are some of the stuff I got to say about it:

I tell you what: I’m not a big believer. I’m not a bitter piece of crap or whatsoever, but I over think things too much to even stay long on the positive side. Especially with the things  that we witness nowadays, it’s funny to see stuff like these exist.These little things are proof that life is still worth striving for.
With that, I rest my case. Long live everything and everyone who keeps the love alive.

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