better than this

you deserve better than this. seriously.

you deserve a better life, better children, heck – the best partner in life.

who am i to say this? i’m only seventeen. stupid, reckless, foolish, and a firm nonbeliever of real life romance. but god, one shouldn’t ever be in a situation only meant to stress them out.

in fact, you deserve the best.
you’re not meant for mediocre. you don’t deserve to be treated as their second choice. you don’t have to sacrifice everything for everyone else’s welfare. you don’t deserve all this burden.

a woman as beautiful, as graceful, and as positive as you deserves nothing but the A+, 100%, and uno in this world.

you deserve an island, a country, a planet that would revolve around your needs and happiness. you deserve a life that makes sure your welfare is always top priority. you deserve the best house, the best set of children, the best partner in life.

i apologize you’ve been given what you have at the moment. i want to change them, i promise i do, but then i realize it’s not that easy. it’s not easy at all.

life isn’t like Lego blocks that we build, and then rebuild if we don’t like it. it isn’t something that we can easily tweak – it doesn’t go to our own liking.

maybe one day it will get better. (it will probably get better.) but right now, it’s showing you the worst. and if i could shelter you within my arms so you don’t have to be experiencing it, i would. i would allow myself to die just so you get what’s best for you. i will. believe on that.

i will do anything, if the world allows myself to, just to make sure you’re happy. just to make sure the best that you are is equally amazing to the best that you deserve.

happy mothers’ day. i love you.


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