📷: ALLCAPSLYRICS (twitter)

insecurity, if anything, is one of a girl’s biggest inner demons. we never seem to find solace and contentment on what we have, whether we make it obvious or not. we’d probably never believe it when someone compliments us – no matter how many times or how much they press on on telling us.

which then results (or is this the cause?) to us looking up to people. with hopes that maybe, one day, we’d be like them. whether it be your mother, your best friend, someone from your family, a celebrity, a model, a personality, or a stranger; there will always be someone whom we look up to as a threat an idol.

and that’s completely normal, i suppose. a human is not made to feel fully contented of what they have. we will always be jealous or envious of something – or someone, in this case.

on the plus side, it gives you a sense of self competence, which is good in a sense that you strive to be better. you challenge yourself to exceed your efforts. you attempt to be better than you already are. you never settle for less.

now on the downside, you just might be attempting to be exactly like the person you idolize. yes, it’s good you have inspiration for whatever you do, but maybe – just maybe – along the way, you start losing pieces of yourself.

you cannot fit yourself into somebody else’s mold. the only mold you’ll fit into is the one where your identity lies.

you’re unique in your own way, yes. and i’m not trying to say that it isn’t good that there’s someone out there you want to be. a little challenge makes life exciting and unpredictable, but always remember that your biggest enemy is your own insecurities.

unless you learn to deal with it, you’ll be plagued with thoughts that will keep on holding you down.

my point? love yourself. there’s only one you in this world, and you’re special and loved and beautiful. maybe you don’t feel it right now. life isn’t easy. but trust me, you’ll get there. just wait, and smile, and fight for what you deserve.


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