mpriestlys txt (20)

when i look into your eyes, i wonder why someone ever thought of hurting you. it breaks me to even witness you in a bad state.

it kills me to even see a glimpse of sadness in those eyes. how could they look at you in the eyes, and still ruin you? those eyes. those beautiful eyes that are windows to your beautiful soul.

how evil could they have been to even consider hurting you. how could they muster the courage to hurt such gentle, fragile, beautiful human being?

how, my love, just how unfair is the world to allow beautiful beings to suffer under such cruel hands! under the world’s relentless, heartless, evil actions.

how, my love, just how can such creatures manage to break into beautiful souls with only a snap of their cruel, evil fingers?

and just how unlucky are we to be in this very unfortunate juxtaposition?


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