if you follow me on twitter, (which i doubt) then you might have seen my pinned tweet. and anyway, this opening paragraph is irrelevant. just read on.

i got one of my old poems (and recent posts) – finishing a good book – published on thought catalog.

if you don’t know what thought catalog is, it’s basically a website with various articles and literary pieces, and even more diverse set of authors and contributors. i’m probably wrong at some point in there, but basically, thought catalog is a website for both writers and readers.

think of it as an online magazine for literature, and life stuff. and i’ve been following them for quite a time now for i run to that site whenever i feel bored. my friend and i actually are readers, and she pushed me to submit something. so i did – more of trying, not really to prove myself something or whatever – and it got put up there. yep. that’s a big thing for me.

yeah so. this is not an anything post, really. just an update of my online whereabouts while i wait for college to start for me.

’til next time.

ps. also, the 1975 is back! and they’re pink. and i love it.


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