write about two blind people falling in love

i fell in love with her voice. that distinct, raw, and raspy voice she has that somehow finds its way to flow like silk when she sings.

i fell in love with her soul. that fragile, little thing caged up in the snide, carefree, philosophical, understanding, and caring being that is her.

i fell in love with the way she narrates everything that happens on the telly. i never found those entertaining, but she made me become interested and yearning for something one of my senses couldn’t fathom.

i fell in love with her open mindedness. about how she never once dared underestimate for what i lack, about how she always kept her ears open to whatever gibberish words i babble about things i wish i knew and things i will never know. about how she never – not even once – doubted my abilities even when i lacked something pretty vital.

i fell in love with her determination. about how she’s always ready to defend me for when those who don’t know judge. about how she would debate with me into she proves her point right. about how she never hesitates to fight for what she believes in.

i fell in love with her everything. growing up, i’ve always struggled to understand how one could fall for one’s “everything”, but then her she was, in her most eternal glory – as if God had sent her from heaven to accompany me through the difficult, challenging journey that is life.

there is one thing, though: i didn’t fall for her looks, but if i could have been able to see it, i’m pretty sure i would have too.

ps. thank you to the wonderful human being who managed to pull those words out of me. keep on sending writers great prompts! haha

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