things i am sorry for


here is a list of the things i am sorry for.

sorry i am stubborn, bossy, a know-it-all, a helicopter, and downright hotheaded. that’s what firstborns do?
sorry i’m meticulous, sensitive, fastidious, nosy, too organized, and messed up and the same time. that’s what perfectionists do.

sorry if i kept on trying to break you, if i kept on trying to bend, mold, and twist you into what i want you to. i’m sorry i never stopped on trying to put on you different colors, and patterns, and themes all the time. that’s what artists almost always unintentionally do.

sorry i’m sad, hopeless, closed off, and kept to myself. sorry i built walls so thick, and strong you can’t get past them. sorry i push you away when i think you’re getting too close – sorry if you think i don’t even let you get close. i’m sorry if i only ever kept on hurting you – i promise i don’t want to. that’s just what the brokenhearted do.


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