okay so. i’m not too sure if i should talk about this on the blog already because we are still on the process of it, but yes, my friend and i are planning to start our own channel.

we’ve actually be wanting to do this for a looong time now, but we never got the courage or enough push to do it?

earlier today she tweeted about asking if she should start her channel, and i said, “do it do it do it do it”. the conversation flowed from there and we spent the whole day conversing about making it ours.

this huge, impulsive decision was probably urged on by the fact that we attended the first youtube fanfest in manila last friday, 26th of june 2015. i might make a post about it, i might not – either way, it’s completely crazy and amazing and fun and basically rough but turned out to be the best. (70% of the reasons just might be because my best friends and i saw jaspoli live, yep.)

we’re actually still in a post-ytff depression, but we’re now well enough to think about our well-being. (or maybe we’re not well enough yet because we get the nerve to think something as huge as making a future in youtube.) but hey, you never know – we’ve wanted this for years. maybe ytff just was a blessing in disguise that happened to be our push to actually urge us to do it,

as of the moment, my friend and i are still on the process of trying to lay down a solid plan on how we plan on doing it. we propose ideas and outlines back and forth to see how we could make it work.

we both are starting college soon, and while i legitimately can assume that college is hectic and insane, if we both fall for this, we just might find our way to juggle both sides of our life.

yes, so.

this is an update post on the life. super random, but somehow maybe necessary.

i haven’t written much in the last week, but i’ll try to harbor some time to do so this week.

wish us luck on this endeavor?

’til next time.

stay hella gr8, y’all.


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