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you might have read this post about impulse decisions, and guess what? it’s not quite just a decision anymore!!!!

it’s now a real thing! DEMIGODS IS A REAL THING!

this post about vlogging is out of what my blog was originally made to contain, but since this is about my life, i might as well let the interwebs know about this.

if you’ve got the time, please check our introduction video out! (we dropped in today!) danielle and i exerted so much effort in this and while our voices sounded weird and distant from our real voices at times, we promise we’re real people with real lives and adventures.

here is the video:

please please please go watch it and support my friend and i in this endeavor!

i promise this blog will be filled with still more poetry, and prose, and my soul. this post and the other are shameless plugging. (but, i’ll also be updating this blog if we post a new video and all that jazz.)

thank you for taking the time to go through this post, and watching the video if you did.

please wish us luck, and i’ll see you on the next post!

cheers. x


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