i’ve always deemed august as a very eventful month. (i’ve had this perspective since bazooka rocks 2 that happened 25th of august 2013.)

and boy, did it prove to be eventful this year. in case you hadn’t been made aware yet, i started college this month. (i’ve been in college for three weeks by the time this one’s posted!!) also, a lot of amazing music came out this august!

[but] i’m not gonna talk so much of college on here because i’m reserving that for a poetic post.

either way, i would spoil a little bit by saying that it’s been a huge and insane struggle. it drained me so much that at times i wanted out. this could be because i have classes six days a week. even though i only stay there for only four hours and i get to go out fairly early, the struggle of commuting, and the state of isolation kept me on the downside.

so then i basked myself under the glory of all these new amazing records while i struggle to get out of my own personal hell hole.

fortunately, for the whole lot of us who are music enthusiasts, august 2015 is a great time to be alive. SO MUCH BEAUTY RELEASED THEMSELVES INTO THE WORLD FOR THE LOT OF AUGUST!

the gif below this is a lil compilation of most of the albums that i’m curently listening to

something’s going on with the gif sorry bout that

and below is an embedded widget of the playlist i had compiled on spotify to give you peek on the music that i’m currently immersing myself with.


that’s basically all for what i have this month. (not really.)

happy listening and have a great september, y’all!


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