oh hey that's me
oh hey that’s me

it has always struck me as both intriguing and amusing when people ask me what my sexuality is.

i speak of this in a positive, and wholly curious note. i recall the latest instance someone had brought this up. it went on like this:

“maia, may i just ask you a question? what is your sexual orientation?”

this was asked to me in a completely blunt and seemingly interested manner that it made me want to chuckle.
but i didn’t.
what i did instead, is come back with this:

“why do you ask?”

the kid then responded with,

“nothing really. i’m just curious.”

and i understood that. because it isn’t the first time i received that question from those who didn’t know me so much.
i actually find it incredible that they have the guts to ask people such questions without hesitation.
the only thing i wish they gave me when i asked them why is a very blunt reason. it irks me to this day as to how they leave me hanging with their observations about me.


One thought on “a thought a day • 4

  1. There was a time not long ago when I, a heterosexual male, was mistaken for a woman from behind. And, after a few older women made the mistake, I nearly blew my top at the next one. It infuriated and bothered me that anyone would mistake me for a woman when I don’t have hair that remotely looks feminine in my opinion. Even after I turned around and flashed my facial hair, they didn’t apologize right away. One didn’t change her mind until I spoke. I seriously almost let her have it.


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