there it is.

one of the biggest reasons why humans still urge themselves to live despite every valid reason for them to give up.  the thing humanity strives to search for through the course of their lives. the reason why we flip ourselves over, and drive ourselves crazy trying to chase after it.

it was an ordinary day. nothing totally out of the blue, or magical, or fairy-tale-esque. there appeared no rainbows or giant heart balloons or marching bands or unicorns.

instead, there were hands shaking, hearts racing, palms sweating, cheeks both blushing and flushing, words stumbling, eyes sparkling, emotions overflowing, and minds screaming “dammit, fucking finally.”

it was an ordinary day. only it wasn’t. because there was myself and my destiny. my present, and my future. my best, and my greatest. my beginning, and my ending. my soul, and the soul mine had yearned for.

indeed, it was the most ordinary day – only it wasn’t because that was the day when i finally let myself go; when i finally allowed myself to take the reckless jump and be certain that i wouldn’t crash; when i finally listened to the beating of my heart – and i wouldn’t have it any other way.



ps. i probably wandered away from the guidelines. my apologies.

pps. in case you missed what loml means, here’s a definition from the urban dictionary:



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