art by angela deane

Before anything else, I would like to congratulate my self for making it this far thus far. I never thought I would, but I did. This proves that miracles do exist.

All creatures who have laid their eyes upon my recent blog posts are possibly very much aware of how rough this semester had gone for me. In fact, I still struggle to get through at the time I wrote the first draft of this post.

College is all I could write about, and that absolutely drove me insane because I wanted to write fiction. I wanted to write poems that come from the depths of my mind that I don’t evidently feel or show. I wanted to write stories of people and worlds that are crafted in my mind.

I wanted to write something else. But, unfortunately enough, I got college as the only topic I could seem to vomit words out of.

I don’t know. That was probably a blessing in disguise. Because all the stress, and anxiety, and isolation allowed me to write so much. I found myself confining myself, once again, within the pages of my journal and on wordpress and jotterpad.

I remember very clearly how much I’ve prayed for reasons to write. The first time I asked for it, I was cursed with teenage emotions. Now, the second time I asked, I am given another chapter of my ridiculous life.

It’s as if God has gifted me a thick bundle of papers, and a pen with unlimited ink, and says, “Here’s what you asked for. Have fun!”

I don’t take that as a burden, believe me, I don’t. I actually find myself getting amused by how much I write about how much I suffer.

Ridiculously enough, the number of posts about my first semester in college does not end here. I still am yet to write one once I’ve actually survived the semester.

I have two weeks left of crawling, and crazy cramming. I’ll probably be writing about college ’til then.

Have a great day!


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