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(credit to its rightful owner)

intriguing potential title: “reinventing myself”
setting/s: a fast food within the campus, one sunny afternoon
characters*: myself; block mates 1, 2, and 3; high school friend
plot summary: the one time myself had been thought to not be who i claim to be
conflict: myself***, unfortunately, didn’t lie
theme: myself could have been anything or anyone, really

SCENE 2, ACT 1**

[HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND arrives at the scene and slaps MYSELF the back of MYSELF’s head]

[MYSELF and HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND commence on a little slap-each-other-as-a-way-of-greeting ritual]

BLOCK MATE 1: [to MYSELF] Oh my god, we didn’t know you were so violent!

[ALL laugh]

[BLOCK MATES 1, 2, 3 waves and greets HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND ‘Hi!’]

HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND: Hi! [waves frantically in return]
BLOCK MATE 1: What’s your name?
HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND: [tells name]
BLOCK MATES 1, 2, 3: [repeat HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND’s name as sign of acknowledgement]
BLOCK MATE 1: How was MYSELF in high school? Was MYSELF talkative?
HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND: [laughs] Yes, MYSELF is very talkative.

[HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND again slaps MYSELF the back of MYSELF’s head for a reason nobody could fathom]

[MYSELF and HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND commence on a little slap-each-other-as-a-way-of-revenge and eventually break it off]

HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND: [feels hyperactive and suddenly calls on MYSELF’s full name]
BLOCK MATE 1: Oh my god! Your name is legit that way?
MYSELF: Yes, why?
BLOCK MATE 1: We thought you made it up!
BLOCK MATE 2: Haven’t you been looking at her ID?
BLOCK MATE 1: I have! But I thought you like tweaked your name into how we say it now!
MYSELF: [laughs outside but is actually filled with even bigger curiosity and a twinge of both anger and confusion inside] No, I didn’t! I really wouldn’t try to do that.


*names have been omitted on purpose
**scene might have been elaborated a lot less intense and lively compared to how it actually turned out in the real life.
***MYSELF, in this case, had been used as a proper noun and not a pronoun


hey! happy new year! hope this is the year all becomes right in your lives, and that you find what you’ve always searched for. it’s a new year to reinvent yourself, find new interests, and seek for new adventures. start it with a smile, and a whole lot of optimism.

’til next year! (ha.)


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