short for: thank you (so much)

  1. to you

– for making me feel worthless.
– for allowing me to mature thinking it’s fine to settle for less.
– for doing nothing but to push me around.
– for  pointing out my flaws to myself as if to rub them on my face.
– for never being there for when i need you.

2. to me

– for allowing myself to feel worthless.
– for planting it in my head that i could settle for less.
– for not pushing me to my limits.
– for allowing myself to absorb the flaws you point out to me.
– for, after through it all, still trying to get back up.
– for somehow finding a way to make it through this one hell of a jungle called life.
– for trusting that i still can do it despite all the times i felt like i couldn’t.
– for still existing.


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