guardian-unicorn wordstexture18

reasons why i write:

  • it serves as my outlet of emotions
  • my way of expressing myself
  • the freedom that comes with it
  • my desire to be able to articulate myself
  • i get to be whoever i want to be in them
  • it gets to be my voice when i don’t have them
  • it’s only then that i get to be honest with myself
  • passion

not-reasons why i write:

  • to make money out of it

ps. i mean, we all know it comes when you realize you’re finally an adult and shit you gotta do something, but what kind of writer are you, really, if all you ever think of is to write because you know you’re gonna earning something from it? not all of us write for profit. it’s a choice we’re gonna make for when we feel the need to have a source of income. 🙂


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