another one

i’m gonna save you the chagrin of having to read through a long-ass, cheesy introduction because who wants that? so then i’m gonna cut to the chase.

why do you act like you know everything, and can do everything at this moment of your lives? why do you walk around like you can handle literally just about anything? why do you recklessly try to break free already?

you know what? enjoy it. enjoy these times when you’re bound to the grasp of your parents, your family. enjoy these times when you’re still limited to spin around and go places you want to be. take advantage of all these. take advantage of the string that keeps you from floating away.

let the anticipation build up. allow yourself to want more more more at the time being. allow your family to nose in on your business sometimes. because once you’re finally free, it isn’t at all that easy.

sure, you can do whatever you want, you can go wherever you want, but – think of this – if all goes to hell, where would you fall back on?

you must understand that we are all still bound to limitations because we’re not independent yet; and you have no choice but abide to them. you must understand that we can’t know everything yet – nobody knows everything. you must know your limitations. you must know where we can run, and where we should stop to turn around and go back home. you must allow yourself to be bound to these limitations because i swear, it will allow you to prioritize what you have to.

stop for a moment and think things through.

it’s not easy out there. life isn’t just rainbows and unicorns and bubble gums and inflatable slides. life is also stress and bad guys and pollution and mouse traps and rock bottom.

i understand where you’re coming from, i promise. i’ve been there, and i’ve also encountered so many “no”‘s on there. and my god did it seem like the end of the world. but it isn’t. i just let them go, no matter how hard it may be, because we shouldn’t let ourselves be so absorbed in the traffic of teenage boast and pressure.

take it easy, wanderlust. you’ll get there. just, you know, give it time.

much love,

a concerned fellow young human being


ps. fuck it, i’m getting old and i’ve come to this point of my life where i attempt to talk to people in their teens and refer to them as young people.

pps. this modern society turned us into people who just wants to get out there, and be famous and do something remotely either insane or heroic. just imagine how much pressure the people nowadays go through just to be in the “norm”, to be cool.

ppps. i’m seventeen, for the love of god.



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