i’ve always found nighttime driving alluring. there’s something very calming about it.

since basically, writing + (nighttime driving + photos) are my thing, i then decided to compile these things into a bunch and throw all of them in as another way for myself to put my thoughts out there.

these posts would be put up sporadically and whenever a thought came to mind.

it’s gonna be a collection of poems, prose, babble (both fictional and not that should be about the night, driving, or basically anything that incorporates with the mood, and the photo over all. most of them would be low quality crappy shaky photos i took during trips — don’t worry, i’ll let you know when i don’t own the photo.

(i promise this wouldn’t be about college. i’m going to try my best to set this apart from everything i’ve written than somehow overlaps with my bloody college life.)

so yeah.

here’s to white noise, driving, sadness, and nocturnal productivity.


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