screencap from we bare bears (cartoon network)

below is a little piece of poetry inspired by crushes, and angst-tweeting.

hs shit

and oh, the giddiness the bubbles up inside you every single time.

the flicking of the hair,

the batting of the eyelashes,

the stuttering of the words.


hs shit 2

the stop-drop-and-roll,

the everything-stops-when-you’re-around,

the my-god-what-is-air!?.


hs shit 3

oh! the bumping into each other on the hallways!

the accidental name call,

the very surreptitious lingering gazes,

the quick meeting of your gazes!


hs shit 4

oh, the blood running up to your cheeks to tint them!

the fits of unreasonable lovesick laughter,

the shiver down your back,

and the waves of electricity that jolts you awake regardless.


hs shit 5

oh,sense like you’re running through the meadows and heading for the only apple in this young, reckless, and free world!

the wanting,

the seeing,

the feeling,

the having.

the not having.

hs shit 6



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