so here’s the actual screencap from we bare bears

okay. i honestly shouldn’t feel the need to reiterate what i had said in an ode to teenage emotions, but i have more to say about that issue and i couldn’t rest in peace until i’ve settled it (with myself, not with anybody else).

i am going to try to put my points out there in the most organized way i can possibly come up with: with a question and answer bullet form text.

why “ode”?

  • an ode is defined to be “a lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feeling and style, varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms”. while there is no complexity in that piece whatsoever, i just thought it would be fun to combine exaltation with teenage emotions. you know, the latter being so draining and tiring and “tragic”. lastly, while it definitely has its ups, i’d like to think of it as one humongous torture.


what urged you to write it?

  • i volunteered to help my sister with their documentary. what i did was i edited the whole thing (since gosh darn i love adobe premiere pro with a passion golly). so obviously, i had to watch each and every one of the clips they had managed to take and record. i stumbled upon one of their interview clips where one of her group mates was tasked to each a batch mate of theirs, and of course, being the nice group mates they are, they asked the girl’s crush if they could interview him. anyway, the video was about two to three minutes short, and for about half of it, i just watched the girl stutter, fidget with her hair, bat her eyelashes, and look too hard at the guy. that reminded me of those things you somehow start to feel when you realize you developed a crush on someone.


why did i specifically point on on “teenage emotions”?

  • first off, let me just tell you that i firmly believe that there is a humongous  difference between love, and crush and infatuation and i will fight until the end to prove it, but i won’t because that’s not what this post is supposed to be about. my point here is that, i don’t think we’re bound to fall in love at such an early age. (sue me bloody fight me) i don’t know. i scrutinize feelings too much, and i’ve read quite an amount of romance novels and articles to try to categorize feels from feelings. at this point, i think we’re bound to feel puppy love, infatuation, an even stronger infatuation, but not love. i think you’re gonna have to feel all sorts of other emotions that relate to attraction before you actually state you’re in love.
  • anyway, i specifically pointed out on “teenage emotions” right there because that’s the emotion i felt of while i watched the clip and i thought “oh my good lord, the fun of having crushes and the joy of soaking yourself up in that state”. it was light and fun and bubbly and innocent.


what really can you say about teenage emotions?

  • i think they’re cute. if you’re a little recluse like i am, you’d find some sort of elation in feeling feelings like that. and i think they’re best felt when you first do because that’s when you also surprise yourself the most about the possibility of you liking an actual human being.

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