this semester, i’ve probably already abused my dad-please-fetch-me-from-college-because-i-went-to-this-event card

, but my dad lets me get away with it because he genuinely thinks i stay in the university hours after my dismissal because i go out to socialize and build my circle of friends at this point.

confession: i don’t. i just sometimes stay there for five hours longer because i (1) am hanging out with one of my best friends whom i attended the same high school and university with,  (2) it’s just one humongous hassle and stress to commute we just decide to let the rush hour pass by first before we go, and (3) i sometimes just walk around the university until i feel exhausted and drained.  also, (4) who am i gonna socialize with when i myself can’t even find my place in this university even after almost seven months?


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