how do literature teachers and professors just justify themselves into one specific interpretation of a literary piece?

isn’t that a little conceited? that we impose our interpretation of something to a group of people because we’re obliged to do so?

there are a lot of interesting perspectives that would regard these pieces for the most part, but isn’t that what makes literature a powerful thing?

isn’t the not exactly knowing but somehow understanding the factor that makes literature magical?

we are entitled to our own thoughts, after all, aren’t we? shouldn’t we be supposed to read all these magical literary works with our own backgrounds and perspectives in mind?

isn’t that what makes a lot of literary pieces successful? its ability to somehow allow itself to become relate-able to the reader, whoever and whatever kind of human being they may be?

isn’t literature supposed to be an adaptable, adapting thing?

sure, there are some works that have blatantly specific meanings, but in the end, won’t the interpretation still differ?

that is what makes literature such an interesting course to discuss. we come across a variety of works, and they differ every time. [and] we interpret these because we are, after all, human beings with different perspectives. therefore allowing us to develop some sort of interpretation that could be a little distorted, and different when compared with the next person’s.

interpretations, then, should never be disagreed upon. agreed upon, i suppose, is plausible, but once we argue with someone because of how they interpret something, isn’t that conceited of us? because aren’t we supposed to respect the way other people see things? [unless it’s clearly bluntly blatantly wrong, that is. there are boundaries and limitations to all things, after all.]

literature is a free, wild creature. much like stars and human beings and animals, this is something we could and should never cage into a certain perspective because if we do, then what even does it live for? what even is the reason why it’s put out there for unique minds to come across and think about?

ps. this might seem like an angry post, but i swear it isn’t. it’s a curious post. it’s a [whole bunch of] question[s] for those who might wish to answer, do.

pps. also please send me some writing prompts if you have cool prompts up your sleeve. those would be great! 😀


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