i’ve stumbled upon quite a lot of movies and novels and shows that i’ve categorized into those i’ve liked and those that taught me a thing or two.

what does this have to do with the title, you ask? see, i first encountered this in john green’s novel paper towns. if you’ve already read it, it begins with then both younger margo and q finding a man who i think hung himself on a tree near their houses and margo finds herself invested in the mystery that might’ve brought this man into doing what he did.

now, that bit of the novel is irrelevant to my point as well, but the part about the balloons that was mentioned in the novel reminds me of that scene so much. okay so, after all that, here is the balloon part in paper towns:

paper towns

now that i think about it, it’s actually a little about how done the detective is dealing with that issue, but that’s besides the point.

another balloon metaphor/perspective that struck me is from the show how i met your mother. i finished watching the series a day ago (i watched it in a week i am SO PROUD of myself) to which i loved the ending to despite how rushed the whole episode was executed.

anyway, the episode with the balloon. season nine, episode seventeen – entitled ‘sunrise‘. out of all the beautiful episodes this show has put into our lives, this is one of the episodes that struck me because of the metaphor and its poignancy and well i’m all for ted and robin so… also because this episode was so beautifully executed. that ending, though.


i guess the point i’m trying to make here is that i find balloon metaphors fascinating. what…? i mean this in a serious, can-be-applied-to-life way. although, unfortunately, these perspectives are mostly obviously sad, but in retrospect, they ring to be true too.

so then maybe in life, we are given one balloon. this balloon could represent whatever we hold dear in our lives. we bring it everywhere we go, and we hold on to it because it’s the only one balloon we could maybe ever have. we have the option to let it go, but once we do, it’s gone for the rest of our life, so we don’t. if we’re lucky maybe it could stray for a while and then it will come back, but for a part, maybe it wouldn’t. in the end though, we better choose not to let it go. because this balloon is what we hold on to. it’s what gives us substance and what we give value to. we don’t let it go because it matters, because we can’t live without it.

ps. gifs are from moonchild30 via tumblr


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