on updates and reading

it has come to my attention that i have not posted anything new in a little more than a month. ha, who am i kidding, the thought of myself not writing and posting buggers me every single time i remember it.

let us then take it easy with a housekeeping post. i am (for the lack of a better word) reviving this blog. so much have gone on in the past month and it’s actually crazy how i have not written about any of them–so now i will. but, this blog will come with a little new feature.

for a week during the month of June, i purchased about five books out of impulse. and that very impulsive act got me to thinking maybe i should start writing about books i read again. in case you are unaware, let me enlighten you by what i mean with “again”. august of the year 2013, i started a book blog called Obviously Reading. i wanted to turn it into a serious thing and immerse myself in the book blogging world, but i failed. there are some things i couldn’t keep up with, and i found myself feeling out of place in the company of solid groups of amazing book bloggers.

i’m obviously never going back that track again, and for several reasons:

  • college is HARD. considering the fact that i plan to transfer and it would mean i have to hustle to keep up.
  • keeping up with new releases is HARDER. i say this for i don’t earn my own money yet, and well, novels are expensive in the country i live in.
  • lastly, i found the socializing-with-other-bloggers the most difficult thing to deal with. i am a terrible social person BOTH in person, and online. it stressed me out and i , well, i’m not good at it either.

for this i have solutions:

  • i’m bringing back book reviews in this blog, but it won’t be a regular thing. i’m only gonna post for when it is convenient for all the things i have to keep track of.
  • the novel’s i’m reviewing won’t always be new releases. (you know, sometimes i just read stuff and feel the need to put my thoughts out there?)
  • like i’d stated in the first bullet of this section, i won’t turn this into a regular thing. i’ll just let whatever has to happen happen. 🙂

to wrap this up, i do miss reviewing novels. immensely. so then, it’s coming back. i can’t say for real for sure, but it is coming back.

(as for the other types of posts, you bet they’re still alive and kicking.)

thanks for reading, see you ’til the next post! 🙂


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