what if teenagers only tend to “rebel” because they actually see what’s wrong with the society and that’s their way of attempting to do something about it?

do they just grow up and being thought of by adults as “rebels”? does that kind of treatment and labeling then force them to bend themselves as to how society is seen by those who see correcting as rebelling?

does it force the young to cut away their toes to conform to the fucked up shoes in front of them?

are the educators those “rebels” who have finally grown up and later on, realized how they couldn’t take any more of these stereotypes?

do they do what they do in hopes to help the youth realize how much wreck we have come to, but feel it is too late for them to actually act upon this wish to reform in “rebellious” ways?

do adults feel obliged to conform with these fuck ups with hopeless looks in their eyes?

is that why they say that the youth is the hope of the nation?


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