i wrote this post a few days after our high school graduation, and i haven’t really finished it for the lack of ideas as to how i’m supposed to close on it. but i scroll through my drafts a lot and it bugs me all the time how it’s still there after, well, a year, and i just feel within me i want this unfinished post out of my drafts folder. i could not bring myself to delete it, so here i am posting it under snippets from the past.
anyway here it is. a post sixteen year old me had written. original title: loyal for aye

This post is so green I want to cry.

This post, just as well, doesn’t have a “point.” I just thought it would matter that I update my blog about the fact that I made it through high school. Yes, I did it. Ridiculously enough.

this post might as well be a collection of the photos i took during our graduation day. because damn was sixteen-year-old me right? it turned out to have absolutely no point. but oh well, here it is. in its raw, post-graduation glory.

i hope your high school years are treating you well and breeding you nice enough for you to face college and whatever else is to come in your life. may you have formed good friendships and many connections. i hope high school helped you see yourself in different perspectives that could help your development as a person. may you soon find your way through this endless, confusing, dark, and problematic, but fun, unexpected, amazing labyrinth called life.

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