let’s go easy for the first review. here’s a cute little book i read in less than ten minutes. in fact, it’s so cute it’s obviously not for my age range anymore. but then again, who’s to say children’s books have [well,strict] age implementation? anyway, here’s What Color is A Kiss? by Rocio Bonilla.

9781580897396title: What Color is A Kiss?
author: Rocio Bonilla
series: none; standalone
publisher: Charlesbridge
pub date: December 6, 2016
genre: children’s
format acquired: eARC; for review
This sweet, heartwarming story asks one simple question: What color is a kiss? Sassy and intrepid Monica loves to paint and sees her world in every color of the rainbow, but this question nags at her. She paints and paints, hoping to discover the answer. With the help of her mother, Monica discovers that kisses and love come in all colors.




Monica, our main character, loves painting above all. With that, she paints everything around her and gives them their corresponding colors. She is very problematic about something, though: what is the color of a kiss?

What I love about this book:

  • the illustrations! seriously! they’re beautiful! one of them is exhibited on the post’s header.
  • the story. it’s the cutest. i’ve never considered thinking about what a kiss’s color is, and that very concept is the reason i wanted to read this book.

What Color is A Kiss? is a book about colors, and how a kid sees them. It incorporates colors and familial love in a beautiful combination. Surely, audiences of the younger ages would enjoy reading this as much as they appreciate the illustrations, and its truly adorable story.



the ducks are back!!!


  • it does not matter how old you are. if you need cheering up, this book is for you.

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