this isn’t really a post where i put more thoughts i can’t express properly. this is a post where i attempt to put together some stuff that kept me up while all my strings are cut. (it’s a long, but colorful post!!)

also, this isn’t really about totally loosening up per se. let’s be honest, i am way too uptight to actually loosen up. but anyway, like i said up there, here are some videos and websites and apps and articles and music. these are things  i consider to be of some help for when i feel the need to let some things out, but find it extremely difficult to. (you can think of this as an update on my favorite things too, i guess.)

allow me to begin in, well, not the most joyous note.

  • okay so lately i’ve been watching dodie’s videos nonstop, and she posted this three days ago.
  • honestly, this wasn’t the easiest videos to watch if you’re a humongous fan of hers. and while i feel really bad she feels this way, i also felt some sort of relief, i guess? i felt a lot of emotions while watching this honest-to-God video, but it gave me some sense of clarity that a lot of people feel this, and that it’s okay to feel this way, and that there are things i can do about it.
  • the things dodie had stated in this video are so accurate it hits home (or should i say my brain because really), and even if you don’t go through these (oh thank your brain so much for not fucking you over every time you attempt to feel better), you get a glimpse of how it is.
  • all that aside, this is a really good and insightful video. you should see it. and while you’re in it, go on and check her main channel too. she’s an amazing grace to the human race.

~*~*~now on to the things that keep me distracted~*~*~

seriously. anthony ramos is adorable!!!

  • basically, this track right there is from the shortest musical ever (it runs for fourteen minutes only!!) entitled 21 Chump Street
  • it was showcased on a show by this american life, and it’s inspired by a real-life experience
  • the music, direction, and basically everything really are created by real-life magician lin-manuel miranda
  • lin and anthony are on hamilton!!! obviously, lin isn’t there anymore; he played alexander hamilton, and anthony is both john laurens and philip schuyler!!
  • (the whole musical is on vimeo and youtube, but i really wouldn’t want to broadcast something that could be an illegal download in this blog, so you should just go find it yourselves! [they’re not hard to find, i promise.])
  • if i’m being honest, i love this mostly because here we see younger and smol-er lin-manuel miranda, and christopher jackson, and karen olivo.
  • also the everything about this is great
  • goddammit i cannot wait for the movie

i love this because it makes me want food i’m too lazy to make

  • baking with meghan videos are legit my favorite videos of hers
  • also she seems to be an amazing baker
  • also she has that cool big mixer
  • also her house gives my soul life
  • actually, i just love conor maynard’s covers. his voice is fucking phenomenal.
  • also sarah close is here. she’s great too. you should look her up and watch her covers and q&a’s because she sings in all of them.
  • it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hamilton fan or not. you have to watch this beautiful piece of art. (and also other fan-made hamilton storyboards. everyone is hella talented.)


  • this is bound to come up at all costs. seriously. i live for this musical. i’ve gone through so much in the past many months and the hamilton obc cheers me up every time. it calms me down, it makes me happy, and it makes me weep.*
  • i’m sure by now most of us know what this beaut is about. if you happened to be reading this post and happened to not know about this musical, i’ll leave you this album for you to listen to.


  • THIS! ONE! TOO!*
  • waitress is soooo underrated.
  • give this musical a chance if you’re reluctant. it’s amazing.
  • jessie mueller is amazing. sara bareilles is amazing. kimiko glenn is amazing. keala settle is amazing. everyone is amazing.

~*~*~ here are some apps i distract myself with~*~*~


  • this is a gaming app wherein you have to stack those pretty little cube stuff
  • i think the colors and the scheme they have in this game are very relaxing and it’s just a fun game to do when you’re starting to feel really bad or really bored
  • i used to play it a lot whenever i feel extremely lonely in class and it keeps myself in check


  • okay honestly, this game is a little frustrating
  • here, you are tasked to arrange the tiles of colors according to their arrangement in a palette
  • yes, it does get frustrating at times, but this is another good game to harbor your time and attention to if you wish to rid of your environment for a minute or two


  • creatures such as we is a story and choice-based app.
  • i found this because i wanted the app lifeline so bad, but you have to pay for it; obviously i couldn’t pay for such, so i looked for something just as good and this is it.
  • it confused me at first because i couldn’t totally understand what was going on, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to play it so many more times.
  • (it also has a very simple interface! it doesn’t take up much space, but it doesn’t mean it’s an app you underestimate! give this one a try and you’ll see what i mean.)

~*~*~some things i suggest you do if you need release or cheering up~*~*~

  • go to the quiet place
  • go to the thoughts room
  • go to the dawn room
  • go to the comfort spot
  • hug your pet/s
  • make yourself your favorite food
  • go to the grocery and splurge on stuff that make you feel better
  • look for a genre of music you don’t normally listen to and find a great new song or album you can sing along to! (i discovered musicals and broadway and it’s starting to invest in it and it’s great!)
  • watch DIY videos of stuff you probably won’t make, but want to make!
  • make that DIY!
  • find a new favorite dessert~
  • cook something you don’t normally cook!
  • go for a walk (with or without your pet/s)
  • reach out to your best friend
  • paint your nails, do your makeup, dress up in fancy clothes, get a new hairstyle, dye your hair, get a tattoo, take a lot of photos, have fun with your body!
  • draw something
  • write something
  • make a list of your dreams and stick it on your favorite spot on the wall
  • marathon your favorite show/s all over again!
  • read a novel under a genre you don’t normally read
  • make a blog!
  • make a vlog!
  • write your future self a letter
  • give someone a hug
  • give someone a compliment
  • give yourself a compliment
  • tell your the people you love that you love them
  • tell your pet how much you love them
  • tell yourself how much you love the amazing beautiful magical human being that is yourself

that’s all i have for this post, i think.

i hope you have a great life!

cheer up! i love you. 🙂 ❤


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