if you happen to start realizing you dislike your major/program: leave and shift.

seriously, do it. don’t end the semester or the year thinking, “oh, it’s gonna be fine. i will get by. i’ll get used to this.” you know why? here’s why:

  1. you will be fine, sure, but
  2. you will struggle so hard to get by
  3. you will never get used to it

i don’t want to drag you down, but college is a big thing where your grades matter, but your sanity doesn’t.

the heart wants what it wants, and your mind knows what it needs. so please, for the love of yourself, put yourself first during this time of your life. hard as it may seem to do, it will make you feel so much better when you do.

it is important to love yourself always, but more especially do you have to in college when the world feels like it’s shrinking around you.


ps. i hope you have a great christmas break! take care of yourself. ❤


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