here’s another housekeeping post because i’m a shitass of a human being.

i’m writing this to just say that i’m never gonna say i’m back ever again. because i never totally am. because i only post one after the i’m-back housekeeping post and then i’m gone again until i find it in my head to fetch my thoughts and string them together for coherence. because then i’ll be gone and be polite only when i remember to find it in me to actually sit down to write. because then i won’t actually be writing unless some force of nature reminds me to do so.

so then i’m not gonna do it anymore. i’m just gonna pop out here casually as if i’ve been so busy with my life (which i sort of am, just not really lol) that i can barely find time to write anymore. i’m just gonna come up with a shit jumble of words that i felt that day and try to compensate it with my lack of verbal emotions.

i’m just gonna suddenly come up with stuff [and i’m not gonna promise anymore because i suck at fulfilling those] and that is when i’ll see you next.

in the mean time, find pieces of me on other places in the interwebs:

’til next time!!


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