this is a string of words about guilt:

i walk with it.
they are your shoelaces; those that come undone when you least expect it.
they are the rocks the front of your shoes bump on in the crappy pavement you walk on.
they are the pranksters that poke you on your shoulder for the heck of tripping someone in public.
they are the obligations that you are suddenly reminded of in the midst of the fun.
it’s that bastard who calls out on you while walking confidently in your stilettos.

guilt. i live with it.

guilt. i  walk on it.

guilt. i wear it.

guilt. i drown in it.

guilt: somehow, after all this, i become so consumed by it that i eat it every morning, i drink eight glasses of it a day, i take it every four hours, and i lather it on my skin every day after bath and every night before i go to bed.

guilt. i am so consumed by it, that in the end i realize: i am it.

(credits to the rightful owner of the photo + its graphics)

this post was first written 4th of january 2016.


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