guess what? *drumrolls* i’m back with another shindig to do for this blog!!!yaaaay~

i’m kidding. i honestly don’t know what i’m doing with this one. i don’t want to make it official either for that could be the cause of its own inactivity and inconsistency in the future, but i’m labeling it anyway because it makes me feel better about it.

i’m calling it thoughts i’ll never expound on and it’s going to be composed of short posts that expresses a sentiment i may have about something. it’s going to be made up of thoughts that i either cannot or would not expound on into a longer post for reasons i may or may not be aware of.

it could be something i thought of in the commute home or in the bathroom or right after i wake up from a dream–anything, anytime, and anywhere really.

ok but how does this differ with a thought a day?

in a thought a day, i explain something in detail; i talk about it however long and whatever way i want to. in here, i won’t. it’s just gonna be about that whole thought and nothing more. that’s how they differ from each other. (am i making sense? i can’t say, honestly.)

oh well.

i’m done, i guess. i still have a paper to write, and a tree to measure. i’m gonna try to write about measuring a tree. maybe wait for it?

i’ll see you until the next post!

💖 have a great day, and always take care of yourself! 💖

(photo from the movie once)


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