today, i brought my tablet to the mall to get a screen protector.

yesterday, i broke my phone’s lcd so i attempted to canvas for repairs. it turned out they were pricey, and that made me run out of the shop with a curt “thank you”, and a forced smile.

then i remembered my tablet’s bare screen. i scratched the surface a little bit last night as well, and i thought “heck, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if i had this done instead”. so i did.

i asked the lady by the booth who had food in her mouth as we spoke. she had a friend with her and they seemed ridiculously bothered when i swung by (they we chatting and eating; in their defense, i looked like an absolute mess), but she said yes, anyway. she said i could come back in thirty minutes to get my tablet back, screen protector and all.

i left then. walked 1.5 kilometers back and forth university under the scorching heat (thanks, global warming) only to get told i come back during the first term to find the prof i was looking for.

i came back thirty minutes after. got myself a blizzard because i saw a lady eating one as i walked through the mall and was shortly consumed by my want with it.

i got back to the screen protector thing booth about two minutes after i got my ice cream. there was only one more customer (plus, his friend) and another lady the salesperson happened to be talking to. i stood there by the booth for at least three minutes, watching all of them go by their business as if there were only four people in the booth and nothing more.

a minute passed. then another. then anothe–

“oh, you’re here to claim your tab?” she asked, a little too brightly; as if she’d just noticed i was there.

i nodded, got my stuff, paid, finished my ice cream, and left.

gif by me


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