yesterday was one of my best friend’s birthday. today is her birthday celebration. here’s all that happened (to me) today:

  • i slept at 2AM because i was rushing a report
  • i woke up again at 5AM to send said report to my classmate
  • we had a quiz at 9AM and i didn’t get to review for it because of said report
  • report did NOT happen because of time constraints
  • starved myself all day because i was expecting buffet
  • waited for my friend outside their building for an hour
  • friend and i went to the pizza place one hour away from our university
  • laughed and really felt nothing
  • laughed and actually felt empty
  • ate too much and pretty much forced my stomach with all the food
  • met some of my celebrant friend’s college friends (one of them whispered something to my friend about me when i was introduced. it drove me insane internally.)
  • sang the birthday song
  • puked in my own mouth and was forced to swallow it back because i was in public (ugly visuals, i’m sorry)
  • we went to a coffee shop for desert (lol sorry it was their idea)
  • talked and talked and talked
  • laughed and actually felt nothing
  • watched my friends do their makeup while i sat there bare-faced and donning messy pigtails
  • other friend played with my face and put way too much powder on it. in a coffee shop.
  • celebrant friend fixed my face for me because i didn’t know how to
  • made me realize how i have no idea how to make myself look presentable
  • made me think if maybe that’s why people never took me as seriously as i want them to
  • pretended i didn’t care about looking like an idiot because i didn’t know how to fix myself
  • bts bts bts bts bts
  • bts 101 with my friend because we need someone else who listens to bts in this friendship
  • went home with my friends
  • bought vodka (for the first time in my life) and immediately felt guilty about it

and that’s what you missed on glee.

(ps. i made that header. yipee.)


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