hello. i have not posted in a loooong time.  and it’s crazy that i think about this in the midst of a week that’s going to be packed with requirements for a lot of our courses (not to mention org work). but here i am anyway, writing in this blog as a way of procrastinating. (i am in the midst of writing my curriculum vitae oops)

i don’t have much to say, honestly.  i guess i just want to update myself of what has happened in my life for the past six months. (yes, it’s been that long)

  1. i started getting into kpop again
  2. i’m stanning monsta x + n.flying now lol oops
  3. i have a fan account
  4. i have a shit ton of mutuals i talk to now a lot
  5. i’m trying to learn Korean again
  6. i am also learning Spanish
  7. i am learning two languages at the same time
  8. 3rd year second sem
  9. the semester started off with at least five breakdowns
  10. i’m still struggling from that
  11. org work is starting to be a little unbearable for me
  12. i’m inactive in the 2/3 orgs i am in
  13. i am supposed to be writing my cv right now
  14. we are starting with our thesis
  15. i am saving up for a lightstick

yes. so that’s life. i hope this doesn’t end up to be the one and only post i can put up for this year, but then again there will always be no guarantees.

i hope you’re having a great day today and i hope life’s been nice to you for the past six months! until next time, i hope?


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