snippets from the past // 5

snippets from the past // 5
i wrote this post a few days after our high school graduation, and i haven’t really finished it for the lack of ideas as to how i’m supposed to close on it. but i scroll through my drafts a lot and it bugs me all the time how it’s still there after, well, a year, and i just feel within me i want this unfinished post out of my drafts folder. i could not bring myself to delete it, so here i am posting it under snippets from the past.
anyway here it is. a post sixteen year old me had written. original title: loyal for aye

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snippets from the past // 2

snippets from the past // 2
longlongwaydown pack7 texture17
(credit to its rightful owner)

intriguing potential title: “reinventing myself”
setting/s: a fast food within the campus, one sunny afternoon
characters*: myself; block mates 1, 2, and 3; high school friend
plot summary: the one time myself had been thought to not be who i claim to be
conflict: myself***, unfortunately, didn’t lie
theme: myself could have been anything or anyone, really Continue reading “snippets from the past // 2”